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Dr. Louis Fabre MD, Psychiatrist


Louis Fabre was born in Akron, Ohio. He was a poor kid and grew up in government housing. He went to Akron University on Scholarship and graduated in 3 years. He passed the exam to enter the MD-PhD program at Western Reserve University in Cleveland. After 3 years he left and took a position with the Texas Research Institute of Mental Science in Houston Texas. There he got his PhD in absentia from Case Western Reserve and finished his MD at Baylor College of Medicine. He did an internship at The Methodist Hospital, Houston Texas, and a Residency in Psychiatry at Baylor Affiliated Hospitals. He is board certified in psychiatry.

At TRIMS he was Head of Child Intellectual Disability for the State of Texas, Head of Alcoholism Research and Treatment and Head of Geriatrics Research and Treatment for the state of Texas.

He also ran a 200-bed alcohol rehabilitation facility, and was the Psychiatrist for the Texas City School District.

He was called by Eli Lilly to figure out what one of their drug candidates was. He proved it was a strong antidepressant. He wrote the protocols and did many of the studies for FDA approval of Prozac. Shortly thereafter, Upjohn sent him 3 drugs to figure out. One turned out to be Halcion (a sleeping pill), another was Xanax, both approved by the FDA, and the third was a clonazepam like drug which was approved In Europe. After that,every new psychiatric drug which was studied in the US was sent to him first. So, he developed about 30 psychiatric drugs. One more should be FDA approved in June of 2023.

He is Chairman of the Board of Fabre Kramer Pharmaceuticals.

He has written about 200 peer reviewed scientific papers, given over 1500 invited lectures all over the world and taught at all levels.

He has treated psychiatric patients successfully for over 50 years.

He has written 4 books available on Amazon. They are psychiatric books disguised as novels. They are Dog Flu, The Secret Clinic, The Protégé, and A Hatchet in the Head. He is currently working on 2 more: How to treat PTSD, and How to Treat Alcohol Abuse.

He has 9 children. He is a pilot with over 6500 flight hours, 1000 in jets.


  • ADD&ADHD (Ages: 18-75+)
  • Anxiety (Ages: 18-75+)
  • Bipolar (Ages:18-75+)
  • Depression (Ages:18-75+)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Ages: 18-75+)
  • PTSD (Ages: 18-75+)

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