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Plenty of us have private mantras or rituals that we practice daily, but OCD presents a pattern of unwanted thoughts that can lead to obsessive and repetitive actions that cause extreme distress. Total Behavioral Health will work with you to build a treatment plan best suited for you. Our assessment and diagnosis are designed to provide you the tools to recognize compulsory thoughts, and medication that will reduce obsessive behavior and provide a better clarity to help curb past tendencies.

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OCD is a type of anxiety disorder in which intrusive thoughts and fears lead to irrational and uncontrollable urges to complete specific mental or physical actions.

Medications such as SSRI’s can help reduce obsessions and compulsive behavior, which frees up your energy and provides clarity of mind for you to focus. In therapy, patient learn to recognize thoughts and adjust behaviors. Total Behavioral Health providers may suggest cognitive behavioral therapy or exposure and response therapy to help you learn strategies for dealing with intrusive thoughts.

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