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Dr. Brian Zachariah M.D.(Accepting New Patients Soon)


Dr. Brian Zachariah chose the mental health field because of a patient, who once told him that they were “smiling on the outside, but screaming on the inside”, which inspired him to go into psychiatry. Mental health is often neglected, and people put on a face every day to hide the suffering on the inside. Dr. Zachariah hopes that he can play a small part in easing that pain with the specialty he chose. The most important driving force for Dr. Zachariah is seeing his patients doing better, living happier lives, and working towards their goals. His overall care philosophy is focused on patient improvement and their ability to target goals they have set for themselves. Dr. Zachariah believes that this is achieved through patient empowerment with psychoeducation. Medications serve a role but are not the only factor in improvement. He personally believes in a multi method treatment plan that must be uniquely tailored since every patient is unique. Dr. Zachariah’s training was in a program that emphasized trauma-informed care and bio-psycho-social treatment. He approaches patients with compassion, patience, and a mind-set to provide education when able.

Languages: English, Malayalam


  • ADD&ADHD (Ages: 18-75+)
  • Anxiety (Ages: 18-75+)
  • Bipolar (Ages: 18-75+)
  • Depression (Ages:18-75+)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Ages:18-75+)
  • PTSD (Ages: 18-75+)

What Patients Are Saying

I honestly cannot believe how easy it was to get an appointment and get signed up in their system! I was able to schedule and appointment same day online and was able to get signed up 100% from my phone. This experience was unlike any doctor’s appointment I have ever had. I have already recommended Total Behavioral Health to friends and family.

Chris M.
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I had an excellent experience! It was quick and easy to make an appointment online. I got feedback via text which was very convenient. I highly recommend visiting these guys for your mental healthcare needs.

Stephen B.
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They are the best! As a new patient they made it super easy to sign up online. Can’t thank them enough for fitting me in on short notice too. I will definitely be continuing my treatment plan through Total Behavioral Health.

Maria G
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What Patients Are Saying

The quality of your care is our highest priority, and we’re dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. If you’re ever unhappy with our care, please let us know and we will work hard to make you happy. If you want easy access to health care and a practice who really knows you, you’re going to love Total Behavioral Health. We’ve created a new primary care experience that is focused on keeping patients healthy. We believe it will be different than what you’ve experienced before.

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