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Substance Use Disorder

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What is substance use disorder?

Substance use disorder, is a condition that causes compulsive use of a substance despite harmful consequences. This condition can involve various substances, including but not limited to: alcohol, nicotine, prescription medications, and illicit drugs.

Why is treatment necessary?

It’s crucial to treat substance use disorder, as untreated substance use can lead to severe detriments to your health. Here are some key reasons why treatment for treatment is important:

Health and well-being
Improved quality of Life
Reduced risk of harm
Breaking the cycle of addiction
Addressing underlying issues
Positive behavioral changes
Long-term success

Substance Use Treatment

Total Behavioral Health combines medication and therapy to help you recover and achieve and maintain sobriety. During individual and group therapy, you explore the underlying issues that contribute to your substance use, and work towards learning new strategies and techniques to cope with stress and other issues instead of substance abuse.


Some common signs of substance misuse include:
Withdrawal symptoms when not using the substance.
Spending a significant amount of time using or recovering from the substance.
Neglecting responsibilities and relationships due to substance use.
Persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to cut down.
Continued use despite knowing the harmful effects.

The first step in seeking treatment for substance use is often acknowledging the issue. As soon as you recognize the impact that substance use can have on your daily life and have the desire to change, you should reach out to a healthcare professional, counselor, or addiction hotline for guidance.

Signs of substance use may include:
Behavioral changes, such as increased secrecy or lying.
Physical symptoms like changes in sleep patterns or weight loss.
Social withdrawal and neglect of responsibilities.
Loss of interest in hobbies or activities.
Mood swings or irritability.

The duration of treatment varies based on your needs and the severity of the substance use. Treatment can range from a few weeks to several months, and often includes different phases such as detoxification, rehabilitation, and aftercare.

Support groups play a crucial role in recovery by providing a sense of community, peer support and shared experiences, accountability and motivation for maintaining sobriety, and opportunities for learning and adopting healthy coping mechanisms.

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